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Parent-child consultation

The child's horoscope is designed for parents and thus comprises a different perspective. As the child is still developing, horoscope analysis mainly focuses on potential fields of development, natural spheres of interest and individual needs of the child. It can provide supportive information and helpful insights for parents.

This type of consultation offers sensitive and responsible insights into the world of your child, her/his temperament and emotional needs.

If your child has grown older, it has developed its unique personality and is more and more acting as an independent individual. In the consultation the arising challenges and chances in your relationship can be explored. If necessary, effective problem-solving strategies can also be developed. The horoscopes of both the parents (or legal guardians) are taken into account for this consultation. In case you are a single parent or the information from your partner is not available, the consultation can nevertheless take place.

This consultation takes 90 minutes and is offered at a rate of 180 Euros incl. taxes (19% USt.)

Natural Conception Control

This is a natural method published by Dr. Jonas and is based on the fact that a woman's fertility correlates exactly to the phase of the moon at the time of her own birth. The time of conception also determines the gender of the child. Research has proven the method to be highly reliable, but since it is based on astrology it is not a scientific study and does not purport to be. If you would like me to include information about gender, please let me know. I don‘t include this automatically because some mothers-to-be prefer the element of surprise!

Calculation of your personal fertile phases for one calender year.

29 € per PDF
39 € per PDF incl. gender information
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