I work with methods of western modern and also traditional astrology. All consultations offered in the following entail a comprehensive preparation which requires all pertinent birth information, including birth date, accurate birth time and place. Please submit this information in advance.

The consultation will be recorded for you and provided via link or CD.

Consultations take place in my office, beautifully situated in the district of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.

For the preparation of the consultation an advance payment is due, payable via Paypal or bank transfer (details are given when date arrangements are being made).

For further information or date arrangements please feel free to call, write or email me!

Basic individual consultation

Synthesizing all the information contained in your birth chart will enable me to outline aspects of your personality, to uncover essential themes and goals in your life as well as to direct attention to places of untapped potentials. In addition, I can also delineate tendencies and developments for the near future. Basically, it is recommendable to focus on a special question that is presently of concern to you. A consultation can offer you valuable insights and creative ways to solve the issue at stake.
This consultation takes approx. 90 minutes and is offered at a rate of 160 Euros incl. taxes (19% USt).

Relationship consultation

For a Relationship consultation (180 €) I need your and your partners birth date, place and exact time (best from a birth certificate) in advance.

Personal Relocation Report for a place of your choice

Where in the world do I find love or success? How can I derive benefit from a particular place?
What can I expect from the place I want to move to? Why do I feel comfortable in some places but not in others?
Your Relocation Report is based on the well-known technique of astro-mapping called Astro*Carto*Graphy(R) (A*C*G) popularised by Jim Lewis.


Your planetary data is projected onto a map of the world and shows where each of the planets in a birth chart is actually crossing the meridian or horizon. While this map is technically complex to construct, without the aid of a computer, it is relatively simple to put it into use. The geographical locations of the planetary lines represent places where the individual can expect to experience the effects of the planet under observation, either by going to a location on the line, or having important contacts, such as family, romantic or business connections there. The most important thing to consider when reading your Relocation Report is the condition of the planets in the natal chart. At this point there is no substitute for the astrologer. However, that can be said for every computer-generated analysis. This report is nonetheless very worthwhile!


The Relocation Report will be compiled for one city or place (for a place please enter the longitude and latitude in degrees) of your choice.

29 € per PDF


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Parent-child consultation

The child's horoscope is designed for parents and thus comprises a different perspective. As the child is still developing, horoscope analysis mainly focuses on potential fields of development, natural spheres of interest and individual needs of the child. It can provide supportive information and helpful insights for parents.

This type of consultation offers sensitive and responsible insights into the world of your child, her/his temperament and emotional needs.

If your child has grown older, it has developed its unique personality and is more and more acting as an independent individual. In the consultation the arising challenges and chances in your relationship can be explored. If necessary, effective problem-solving strategies can also be developed. The horoscopes of both the parents (or legal guardians) are taken into account for this consultation. In case you are a single parent or the information from your partner is not available, the consultation can nevertheless take place.

This consultation takes 90 minutes and is offered at a rate of 160 Euros incl. taxes (19% USt.)

Natural Conception Control

This is a natural method published by Dr. Jonas and is based on the fact that a woman's fertility correlates exactly to the phase of the moon at the time of her own birth. The time of conception also determines the gender of the child. Research has proven the method to be highly reliable, but since it is based on astrology it is not a scientific study and does not purport to be. If you would like me to include information about gender, please let me know. I don‘t include this automatically because some mothers-to-be prefer the element of surprise!

Calculation of your personal fertile phases for one calender year.

29 € per PDF
39 € per PDF incl. gender information
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