Astrology has existed for thousands of years and is being practiced throughout the entire world. Knowledge gained through astrology is based on observation and experience and thus shares similarities with psychology - even though this latter discipline is much younger. A great many psychologists are positive about the insights astrological methods can provide. Still, astrology is not officially considered a science. Roy Alexander, a qualified astrological counselor based in London, has published various studies addressing this topic, and I would like to recapitulate some of his thoughts in the following: The overall method of astrology and the scientific paradigm of a mechanistic universe are mutually exclusive. This paradigm has been severely challenged by modern scientific theories as for example put forward in quantum physics. The latter could not deduce its axioms from classical mechanics due to its primary assumption that matter shows aspects of particles and wave characteristics at the same time. It might only be a matter of time until astrology will be scientifically acknowledged and sciences will finally renegotiate traditional paradigms that have hitherto shaped our understanding of the world. Until that point, astrology can be evaluated according to empirical data comparable to the way they are used in psychology.

According to their own statements, critics of astrology (e.g. Eysenck and Nias) declare themselves incapable of interpreting a horoscope. This kind of proposition is comparable to a deaf music critic, stating that his own incapacity to hear is of no consequence for the professional practice of his line of work...
It is your mind that creates this world - Buddha
(Or, paraphrasing Camus: To change the world, man has to let thought change his life first.)

Notwithstanding the existence of several schools of astrology, psychological astrology ranks among the newest and most prevalent forms that are currently being practiced. It is based on the assumption that all our expectations, needs and motivations shape and validate what actually moves us emotionally. Whether we perceive something as terrible or beautiful does not depend on the things surrounding us but on our individual interpretation of them. The way we see the world thus determines our way of thinking, acting and feeling. We are not born as blank slates but come into the world with certain aptitudes, potentials and personal characteristics that are represented or depicted in our horoscope. Psychological astrology enables us to decipher that personal script and helps us to gain insights about the kind of person we are - and who we actually could be if only we learn to confront ourselves with our anxieties and the expectations not originally arising out of our own needs and beliefs.
To realize and encourage potentials, or: Be what you already are.

Psychological astrology is no fortune-telling, even though it contains a number of prognostic methods. The latter are employed to focus on a peculiar moment in time and its possible effects on our individual experience. It is no religion; it does not imply any moral judgments and thus does not supply a catalog of guidelines.

Based on the natal horoscope and the actual time frame, psychological astrology outlines tendencies, potentials and developmental aims as well as inner conflicts, inhibitions and anxieties. It can help us to raise our awareness accordingly and hence enables us to become who we already are.

After all, it's us who have to undertake the journey to our innermost self. A horoscope can't tell anything about what we have learned so far from previous experiences, what gender we are, whether we are a human being, an animal, idea or object - but it can actually circumscribe a peculiar moment in time and place. The natal horoscope always stays the same - whether we are eight months or eighty years old. Still, it describes our deepest self that evolves throughout life; just like the tree that grows from a seed to an oak will always stay the same tree. Your horoscope will constantly create new meanings for you according to your life situation and cannot be replaced by anything else. Why not take this incredible chance to get to know yourself better and make the most of your potentials?

Psychological astrology is an excellent means of approaching problems and their causes without taking a detour. At the same time it offers an individual and resource oriented approach to resolve the issues at stake. Often, advancements go hand in hand with crises, sometimes they are even triggered by them. "Whatever comes into your life that needs to be there": According to Liz Greene, psychological astrology is teleological - for everything that happens to us, there is a reason and an underlying purpose.