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Portrait Birgit von Borstel

Birgit von Borstel

gepr. Astrologin DAV

About me

About me

I was born in May 1965 and grew up in northern Germany. At the age of sixteen, I first came across astrology.
Both fascinated and skeptical (at first), I considered the proposition that the birth chart should define the character of a person. In the following years, my curiosity led me to strenuously study astrology parallel to my studies in philosophy and psychology and my working life in the music business. Soon I had trained myself in calculating and creating horoscopes, and through an in-depth study of the relevant literary titles, lengthy conversations and personal observations, I eventually learned how to analyze and interpret them.

I have always taken a strong interest in peoples' individual motivations and sensibilities, and astrology constantly turned out a reliable compass to detect the aptitudes and proclivities that characterize a personality. I realized that an astrological world view not only enables us to be more open-minded, tolerant and authentic but also reveals new ways of approaching problems, encouraging potentials, and finding solutions. The fact that a horoscope offers said insights in an individual and unique way only increased my fascination for astrology.

In order to better understand how to evaluate the information provided by the horoscope and to create a comprehensive and sensible interpretation, I completed a course in psychological astrology in Hamburg between 1999 and 2002. Here I learned how to structure the complexity that horoscope interpretation entails. Since 2007  I work also as a teacher for Astrology in Hamburg in Berlin.

I am a certificated astrologer of medieval astrology (CMA), DAV (German Astrologer Association), and was member of the DAV examination board 2011-2021. I was also member of ATA (Arbeitskreis Traditionelle Astrologie), a research group for traditional Astrology with members from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. 
And finally I am qualified as a coach and for working as a health care practitioner, specialized in the field of psychotherapy.
I am working with both modern and traditional astrology techniques. Currently, I am studying history and religious studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, partly to gain a better understanding of the foundations of Western astrology from this perspective.

I'd love to pass on to others what I have learned - to discover the possibility of activating inner resources in order to recover the treasure that is buried deep down at the bottom of our soul, often hidden by automatisms and forms of heteronomy we are not aware of.