What is psychological astrology?

It is your mind that creates this world - Buddha
(Or, paraphrasing Camus: To change the world, man has to let thought change his life first.)

Notwithstanding the existence of several schools of astrology, psychological astrology ranks among the newest and most prevalent forms that are currently being practiced. It is based on the assumption that all our expectations, needs and motivations shape and validate what actually moves us emotionally. Whether we perceive something as terrible or beautiful does not depend on the things surrounding us but on our individual interpretation of them. The way we see the world thus determines our way of thinking, acting and feeling. We are not born as blank slates but come into the world with certain aptitudes, potentials and personal characteristics that are represented or depicted in our horoscope. Psychological astrology enables us to decipher that personal script and helps us to gain insights about the kind of person we are - and who we actually could be if only we learn to confront ourselves with our anxieties and the expectations not originally arising out of our own needs and beliefs.